Quality is our pricing

Take a look at our design plans, or make a quotation request for more bespoke needs. We are always open to discussion on our pricing proposals. Our priority is to be there for you and your requirements, so will help you to find the best price for your project.

Design plans

Based on previous projects and our expertise, we have designed a consultation process that we feel best helps maximize our efforts for clients properly.

Custom Furniture

No Consult Fee

custom furniture is bespoke and pricing varies depending on complexity, difficulty, and materials used. Each piece is designed to the clients desires and 100% unique.

Built-in Consultation

$350-600 Consult Fee

Once an initial conversation has occurred and a ballpark pricing for the project conducted, the next step would be an in home consultation with 3D rendering. This consultation will go over, in much more depth, the desires of the client at their home. measurements will be taken and all information gathered will design a completely custom 3D CAD model to display exactly what was discussed. The fee ranges depending on design complexity and size but will not be lost and will go towards the price of the entire build. The fee simply secures our companies time spent visiting the home and creating the completely custom 3D model if, for any unforeseen reasons, the client is unable to proceed with the build.

Contact us for a custom quote

We are happy to help you with any information you may need. Send us your ideas and we'll give you more details about our work, or provide pricing for any special inquiry.